Saturday, 6 February 2010

sweet, sugary... spring

February is the fag-end of winter? Nope. That’s the coldest in Japan although according to our Chinese calendar, 4 February marks “Risshun”, the beginning part of spring. The following months are, of course, getting milder and milder in temperature, but it still snows occasionally in March, in Tokyo.

I am beyond bearing today: sooo freezing, windy and almost snowing (again). Quivering!! Nothing can soothe me... but this sugary resort of French Canàsuc.

Here’s edible spring to share with you all!


Tokyo Terrace said...

Oh my goodness- it is SO cold in Tokyo right now! I am so excited for spring to finally arrive and to say good bye to this crazy snowy/rainy weather. Love the post! These sugary treats look like a great reminder of spring time!

the lacquer spoon said...

Dear Tokyo Terrace, thanks alot for your comment, and I really like your blog! Tonight is the coldest I feel. This crazy moment before spring or spring is comming?? Keep warm :)

Dinners and Dreams said...

Such a creative way to welcome spring! Love these butterflies.



the lacquer spoon said...

Dear Nisrine, thanks! After the sakura season, the wintery weather still remains intact. Currently, I find spring in sweets only ;)

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