Wednesday, 18 November 2009

about me

Tokyo is a huge capital with the population of nearly 13 million. People come in the city from every corner of Japan, and they never leave… because the sleepless city is full of temptations; theatres, galleries, hotels, clubs, fashions, restaurants, swings of jazz, and all other indulgences. Who cares the bad economic climate???

Is the life of real Tokyoite, then, fancy enough?? I was born and grew up in the centre of Tokyo as the third generation of Tokyoite. I work, sometimes drink out, but often cook at home with fresh ingredients. Daily eating is "simple" as well as healthy even in the “gastronomic crucible”.

“The lacquer spoon” is to deliver the simple lifestyle of one Tokyoite focusing on its food culture. It opens tips which guide books don’t speak up. No fancy words here, really.

the lacquer spoon x


sasamarly3 said...

Hajimemashite! Ijust found your blog through a comment you left on "The Wednesday Chef." I'm half Japanese, half Kiwi and moved to Austria last year from Tokyo, but I miss it, especially the food. I look forward to reading more!

the lacquer spoon said...

Dear sasamarly3, konnichiwa and thanks a lot for your comment! Hope you'll keep up your sweet memory of Tokyo with my culinary updates :)

Juno California said...

Dear Lacquer spoon.
Just found your blog and am so excited to follow it.
it is a dream of mine to visit Tokyo.
I am lucky enough to live in LA, a city that offers so much wonderful Asian food and I never stop exploring the possibilities. But Tokyo and your home cooking has a flavor all of its own,
Looking forward to your posts.

the lacquer spoon said...

Dear Juno, thanks a lot for being my follower :) Tokyo is where brought me up and keep me sane, but LA must have lots of attractions too!!

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