Thursday, 19 November 2009

Beaujolais, Beaujolais, Beaujolais

The release day of the freshest French wine has come!

It is odd enough that Japanese can’t wait for this foreign-made alcohol every year, but, thanks to TD, Japan is the first guest to be offered Beaujolais Nouveau in the world. So, we deserve it.

At midnight on the third Thursday in November, some locations in Tokyo are turned into party venues to celebrate the arrival of the French beauty, with celebrities smiling and holding up ruby glasses. From the day on, wine shops, department stores and Seven-Elevens are busy selling them out through their tasting campaigns. This festive mood seems calming this year due to the severe recession, but, has still been marked as a must-have winter event before Xmas since the golden “bubble” era in the 80s.

In a spa complex called “Kowaki-en” in Hakone, Kanagawa pref, more surprisingly, one large bath is filled with spring water and real Beaujolais Nouveau so that bathers can enjoy its colour as well as aroma (some might taste… alas!). Hope… hope that French is not peeping my blog.

Well, my family pre-ordered three bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau Château de Boisfranc (JPY 3,600 per bottle) from “Mavi”, the pioneering organic wine shop in Tokyo. They’re already at hand and just a minute to go with supper. Oops! don’t miss a toast to “2009”, which is the best grape producer in 50 years.

Cool or uncool, everyone adores something jolly on cold winter days, right?

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Anonymous said...

A very well written piece, though would have been much better if the "bubble era fallouts" had been explored more with few other examples. How long such extravagant life-style Japan will be able to sustain?
Anyway, please keep on posting. I'm enjoying getting the the glimpses of your mind.


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