Thursday, 26 November 2009


Hot lemonade saves my body and soul around this time of year when Xmas is almost upon us.

The simple combo between freshly squeezed lemon juice, pure honey and hot soft water gives me warming, relaxing and soothing effects. The sourness of lemon, at the same time, kicks my dozing brain in the lazy afternoon. What a winter magic!

Winter lemon is good indeed, for its skin becomes so thin that more juiciful flesh is expected against its summer stony version. (So is in your country?) I often encase each quarter of a whole lemon juice in a teeny plastic container and keep them in a fridge to cope with any urgent use.

Honey. Well, there’s four bottles of honey in my cupboard. American bear-shaped SueBee Clover is my daily company while French Les Abeilles Amandier (Almond flower) is pricey one in case that I need more kitchen therapy. Chestnuts flavoured Italian honey rich in herbal-like aroma isn’t a close friend with the lemony tang, but, goes fine with buttered toasts. French Hediard All Flower Honey, I don’t know yet.

In her dictionary, Nigella L defines the “soothing, pure, would-be restorative food” as “Templefood”. Lemonade is “Templedrink” in mine, accordingly...

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